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October 18, 2010
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Samurai Monk of the Mountain by DarkspearDevil Samurai Monk of the Mountain by DarkspearDevil
Hope you don't mind I used your ABM seal in the background Matt. SOMU/ABM seal copyright to Karbacca: [link]

Compilation piece of a character I play occasionally in a D20 modern tabletop game. He's a tengu Buddhist monk and a trained swordsman. And...a handyman on the side for the ABM. If I told you about it, i would have to kill you.

All in all, he is a slacker with a penchant for liking modern tech, it doesn't agree with his inherently magical aura. It makes using any technology around him...difficult.

Only shaded the left image, left the others flat, kinda like the flat ones too. This pic has been sitting around a long time and I finally finished it. Also like the way the mix of the crazy Asian pattern on the pants combined with the simple traveling monk style shirt came out. Of course he also has his prayer beads, tengu 1 pronged getta, and the mp3 player he can't get to work.
boogerscat1 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010
You finally posted it! Yea! It's one of my favorites (no GM bias here...) so I'm really happy to see it finished. :)
DarkspearDevil Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010
Hey, thanks! I am glad you like it. I would like to do more like it for some of the other characters. I always do my own first though, because without a visual it's hard to get into a character. Perhaps if we continue D20 modern down the line, I will expand and do some more if people want.
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